Appliance Removal

Compare prices… check references… call us… and set appointment…

We’re insured, courteous and professional.


Your peace of mind is one of our top priorities. We will confirm your appointment and give you a courtesy call 30 minutes before arrival, so you’re never left wondering when someone is going to be there.

Rayburn’s Removal is not driven by the costs of running a large company with a big mandatory ad budget, royalties, large diesel trucks and staffed with crews. We are compact and efficient, thereby keeping prices affordable for our customers.

   Recycle, Reuse, Re-purpose

 We are extremely dedicated to avoiding the landfill.

A few appliances can be saved for a new home. We can affect minor repairs and give a washer or dryer a couple more years of life. If not, sometimes there are parts and pieces that can be salvaged, and if not, all the metal can be taken to a metal recycler. 

*appliances with Freon incur extra charges for proper recycling and handling.

 Handling appliances is exactly the principle reason Rayburn’s Removal was established. People needed help without paying $100 at minimum.  
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