Our Services

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Appliance Removal

Rayburn’s Removal can take away any large kitchen or laundry appliance. All metal is recycled.

Mattress Removal

Rayburn’s Removal will haul-off & recycle old mattresses. For sanitary reasons, mattresses are not re-used. Used mattresses may be passed between relatives, but the resurgence of bedbugs has discouraged organizations from accepting them as donations or selling them. The springs from both the mattresses and box-springs are harvested and recycled.

Furniture Removal

Rayburn’s Removal can pick up and either donate or recycle chairs, tables, sleeper sofas, office furniture and many other household furniture items. Of everything we pick up, furniture is most likely to be reusable: Particularly when things were replaced by newer things. The old pieces may be exactly what someone else needs.

Junk, Rubbish, Trash Removal

We will clean up after the project which created both new beauty and new waste. The old sink, the pile of drywall, the branches & limbs & bushes.


Clean up after a move exposed the forgotten, once indispensable things which won’t make it into the new place.


Clean up when spring cleaning revealed stuff that really doesn’t deserve being put back on the shelf. Some of it deserves a trash bag ending, some of it is honored by being donated.

Garage & House Clean-up

Prepping before a move in, move out or closing… we will come in, bag, box and remove. Any size job – If it is a garage, yard, or a room, Rayburn’s Removal will get it done.