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  We had an under-counter wine cooler/refrigerator  that stopped working.  Replaced it from Amazon so we didn't get the old one removed.  The city will not take it with refrigerant inside.   Called Rayburn's yesterday and found that they would remove it inexpensively and quickly. It was on the front porch, so put a check inside and today the refrigerator sprite magically made it disappear.  (In the old days I would have said refrigerator fairy, related to the the tooth fairy.  But now I may get canceled by the PC snowflakes)

Thank you, Athena and Jody.  Your service is appreciated!

thumb Jon J.

  I have been working with Rayburn's for a year and a half now. Athena and Jody have always been quick to help out. They have made my trash problems become non-existent and have greatly helped increase my turn times. I could not recommend them enough and will happily bring them with me. Thank you so much!

thumb Daniel A.

  Just love these guys! Always prompt, friendly with great prices and most importantly,  they get the job done quickly and efficiently.
We have been using Jody and Athena for around 4 years and they have never let us down.
Would highly recommend!

thumb Belinda O.

  Great professional service.  Jody and Athena were great.  Showed up on-time and looked very professional. They were nice to work with and very friendly, plus a great price.  I will use them again and will recommend them to my friends.

thumb Melissa C.

  Jody and Athena are fantastic. This is the second time I have used their services to remove trash left by previous homeowners/contractors. This most recent job, the contractor had left drywall and joint compound underneath a mountain of trash out loose in my backyard for over two months. The rain had broken down the drywall and compound and it was melting into my yard. It was a disgusting mess. They came out and removed everything AND SHOVELED MY YARD to get the contaminated mud out. That is the definition of going above and beyond. And they love dogs. 5/5

thumb Robert N.

  Jody and Athena went above and beyond to help us remove our oversized old tv's. They were going to recycle them which made me very happy. They were extremely professional, showed up early, and were very kind and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!!

thumb Karen C.

  Rayburn's Removal has my highest recommendation.  They are friendly, honest, punctual, and efficient. And if you think moving and getting rid of junks can be stressful, their cheerful persona would prove you wrong!

thumb Diana C.

  Rayburn's removal is the real deal. They helped us with getting rid of the pile of junk from our garage. They are courteous, prompt, and kept us updated on their arrival time.  Jody charged a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend them to help clear out your junk.

thumb Alex L.

  Look no further. The Yelp reviews are correct. Friendly, fast, competent, and fairly priced. Easy to book your junk removal online and you'll get a call on the day of with the estimated arrival time within the window you selected. Price was great; service was great. Recommending to everyone!

thumb Martha G.

Angi’s List Reviews

They came out very quickly and when they arrived, the owner was the one at the job. I had several more large items in addition to the 3 bulk items included in the deal including a cushion and several bags. He just told me that he would take it all at no additional cost and was incredibly friendly. He truly went above and beyond, was kind and sincere and I was very very happy with the experience.”

I scheduled the appointment online thru Austin Cleanup and got a discount. We recently moved and had a ton of boxes and plastic that needed to be hauled away. He showed up Saturday morning, gave me a quote and hauled EVERYTHING away. Very energetic and polite. Called later in the day to say they’d found a pyrex pie dish that looked like it had been packed and asked if I’d like them to bring it back or if I intended to throw it away.”


The providers were punctual, efficient, personable, reasonably priced and professional. They arrived with a commercial style dumpster on a truck. They rolled it out and loaded everything in less than thirty minutes. I asked them what they do with the items they haul away. They take them back to their yard, disassemble what they can, donate when possible, recycle when possible and take the rest to the land fill.”


We were having a hard time finding out how to get rid of two twin mattress. We called several places but our job was to small or they wanted to charge too much ($100) When we called Rayburn’s Removal we left a message. They returned our call promptly and quoted a price of $55 for the removal. We scheduled a pick up for the very next day and they gave us a time window for there arrival. They called about an hour early and Updated our time window to a 30 minute window. Mr and Mrs Rayburn on time. They were dressed very nice and clean cut looking couple. This is a very nice husband and wife team. They were a pleasure to deal with and we will always use them.”